Dogs for Wounded Veterans

To honor the many service men and women who are still suffering from the conflicts of war, Service Dogs for America will have service dogs available to help them lead a more independent life.

A special fundraising effort has been launched to be able to place dogs, with no effort on the recipients’ part, with select disabled veterans of the most recent wars and conflicts, including those in Iraq and Afghanistan and any conflicts stemming from the tragic events of 9/11. Service Dogs for America is advocating a legislative bill that will provide funding for candidates to receive a service dog.

The service dogs will be trained to meet each individual veteran’s specific needs which could include:

Provide emotional support
Balance work
Stand and brace
Helping to pull a manual wheelchair
Turning lights on and off
Opening household doors
Pushing buttons to open automatic doors in public
Retrieving dropped items
Retrieving a phone in an emergency or other command items
Retrieving items from shelves and counters
Paying a cashier
Carrying items in a backpack
Any other skill that can help the individual live a more independent life


Help a wounded veteran today and donate.
All proceeds go to place a service dog with a disabled veteran.

Online fundraising for Help Wounded Warriors receive service dogs

If you think your or a family member would qualify as a wounded veteran in need of a service dog, please see our application page and download the pre-appliction.