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Have you heard about Crowdrise?  If your answer is “Yes, I have heard of Crowdrise!” Congratulations to you, you beat me to it!  If your answer is, “No, please tell me more!”, I would LOVE to!  If your answer is not one of the two above answers, I don’t know what to tell you because you’re going to hear all about Crowdrise anyways, sorry! 🙂

Crowdrise is probably the EASIEST way to raise money on the internet.  Their website,, claims you  can make a donation in less than 30 seconds!  What other things can you do in less than 30 seconds?  I can do these things in 30 seconds: put my shoes on, put my hair up in a horrible looking bun, aaaaaand I can’t even think of anything else, but none of those things are as effective and worthwhile as donating to a great organization like SDA!

Another reason we really like Crowdrise is the fact that they don’t take half your donation for processing fees.  They generally only take 3-5% for processing which is comparatively lower than other online fundraising campaigns, which means SDA gets a larger portion of your donation and that makes us really happy.

The trend of online fundraising has created SO many individually motivated philanthropic opportunities.  Ummm….WHAT?  Basically, if you want to start a fundraiser and appeal to your friends and family for a worthy cause (why not Service Dogs for America?) for say, your birthday, you can do that.  You can set it up on Crowdrise, pick a goal, and send the information out to your contacts.  Instead of buying gifts they can just donate to your chosen charity.  Engaged couples register for their favorite charities instead of registering for gifts, graduates can do the same thing in honor of their graduation day, and so on.  The opportunities are truly endless.

Personally, I like Crowdrise because they are funny.  For example, under their logo on the Crowdrise homepage is the line, “If you don’t give back no one will like you.”  I’m not trying to pressure anyone into donating, I just really appreciate their odd sense of humor.

I hope I was able to enlighten you a little bit about this great new fundraising phenomenon.  For your convenience, if you feel so inclined, I have included our DIRECT link to our page on Crowdrise for you to make a donation.

Thank YOU for your continued support of Service Dogs for America, we could not do what we do without YOU!


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