Diabetic Breath Sample Volunteers….What?

Sorry guys, I don’t have a wildly imaginative title for this blog post, and I didn’t want to sit here until I thought of one so I figured I better just start this post!  We are currently seeking Type I & Type II Diabetics who can donate their breath samples of low blood sugars to assist us in training our Diabetic Alert service dogs.

We currently have four English Cocker Spaniels who are being trained as Diabetic Alert service dogs.  They began their training when they were less than a week old; before their eyes and ears were even open!  Danette, our master trainer and breeder of these special pups, held a cotton ball that contained a breath sample with a blood sugar of 70 in front of the eight sleeping puppies.  Five of the pups were awakened by the scent and started to follow it.  Danette rewarded them by letting them have a treat: their mommy!  Danette picked the top 4 sniffers and that is how we got our precious pups: Jazzie, Missy, Reese, and Charlie.  They recently turned a year old and now instead of holding a cotton ball in front of their noses, our trainers hide the cotton balls in one toy and throw it with all the other toys (and trust me we have a lot of toys!).  When the dogs find the correct toy they are rewarded with a treat and reassuring praises. It is quite amazing, but we can’t continue our training without generous donations of breath samples!

If you are interested in possibly becoming a breath sample volunteer or want more information on our Diabetes Alert dogs, just give me a call at 701-685-5003 or e-mail me at client.services@servicedogsforamerica.org.  I have a list of guidelines about collecting these samples that I would just love to share with you so contact me today! 🙂



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2 Responses to Diabetic Breath Sample Volunteers….What?

  1. Julie Waswick says:

    Please send me the guidelines and I will be happy to provide samples if my blood sugar drops below 70.

    Loved meeting ALL of you this past Saturday – thanks so much for the tour and information on your business! Very informative! 🙂

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