Crazy Days at SDA!

I was told that some people actually read my blogs, so I thought I should do another one since it has been such a long time!  You wouldn’t think of Jud, ND as a very busy place, but SDA has been just that!

Our first client of 2015, James, graduated recently.  He and Rudi, his service dog, passed the Public Access Test with flying colors, but we had very little doubt that he wouldn’t ace it!  James is an amazing client and Rudi is an amazing dog.  While we will miss them both immensely, we truly saw a miracle unfolding as their relationship was established and “groomed” (haha, get it?).  They are a dream team and now I get it.  I know what my co-workers were talking about when they would say, “If you think we make a difference now, wait until you see your first placement.”  All I have to say is wow!  I’m speechless, and that says a lot coming from me–I’m never speechless!

Shortly after James left, our wonderful staff swooped in and cleaned the cabin he stayed in while he was here in preparation for one of our ND Veterans who is coming back to finalize his training.  He will be graduating soon, too!

On Friday we had ALL of our dogs on campus for their shots.  We figured we’d go easy on our Veterinarian and bring the dogs to her rather than have her going to all the places we have our dogs!  Having twice as many dogs on campus as we normally do is quite an experience to say the least.  Twice the barking, twice the amount of food and water, and well…you can figure the rest out!  It was great having all of our dogs in one place though, at least I enjoyed it, but I should really just speak for myself!

On Saturday we had the Busy Bobcats from Gwinner visit.  We were so happy to have them, they are a great group of parents and kids!  They got to meet our youngest Canine Staff, Greta and they also got to catch up with Sarge, the Service Dog Sargent County is raising money for.

Don’t forget we also have Giving Hearts Day coming up! (February 12th, mark you calendars!)  We’ll have more information about that coming soon.  Also, Purses for a Purpose will be hitting Minot on February 7th and sweeping Jamestown on February 8th!  We can’t wait!  For more information on GHD and these events, email

Check back later this week–I’m working on a post about our Diabetes Alert Service Dog that we need Volunteer Breath Samples for.

As always, thanks for reading my ramblings!

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  1. Dick J. says:

    Great update, please keep them coming. Thank you

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