The Patter of Tiny Paws. . .

Picture it: A dimly lit room, forms darting back and forth, always watching, waiting for you. Maybe you can go undetected this time. Maybe. The suspense begins to weigh heavy. Inching forward, you peer through a crack. Suddenly those dark glinting eyes are peering right back! Piercing cries begin spilling out from the shadows- there’s no turning back now! They know you’re there… With no choice left but to face the fate that undoubtedly awaits, you take a deep breath. Immediately your feet are surrounded as they charge from every angle! Your only hope of survival rests in the offerings of food you hold high above the swarm. That’s when you see it- the opportune moment. The relentless beasts part just long enough for the offerings to be placed. Within moments the tantalizing aroma of soaked kibble and formula draws them away one by one. It worked! You’re free! You watch from the safety of the closed gate as the puppies finish their breakfast. In turn you are smothered with sticky kisses and warm-bellied snuggles. Another successful morning!

Ok, ok. So maybe I exaggerated a tiny bit. But it’s still pretty close!

The days here at SDA have been filled with even more adventure than usual since the arrival of our newest generation of life-changers! Our sweet Liberty brought 10 healthy, sweet, puppies into the world on December 26th, 2015. Six females and four males! Since then, they have stolen the hearts of everyone that meets them. Every day they grow a little bigger and their unique personalities shine a little brighter.

I can’t wait to watch them become someone’s new ‘leash’ on life!

Check back often for more updates and pictures- watch them grow with us!

-Emily White Apprentice Trainer

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One Response to The Patter of Tiny Paws. . .

  1. Keal Marson says:

    If it was not for ICAP at JRCC I would not be the person I’m now I love working with the dogs it help me change I ways that I’m still finding out and someday I’m going to get back in to helping with training these wonderful dogs and the people of SDA the help me so much I can’t put in to words. Just want to say thank you Keal Marson

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